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For the Time Being   2003-2007

At this point in history, Americans, particularly women, find themselves revisiting dilemmas about work and marriage, careers and equality. Women who came of age believing they could be all and have it all are reconsidering their choices, questioning traditional assumptions as well as once-radical alternatives. 


Scholars and the mass media have examined these questions at a macro level in their research and articles∗. I seek to portray real women facing these diverse and profound personal choices as they approach their 30s, and explore how their lives have changed as a result of them. Each woman is finding answers in a particular and personal way, and my photographs depict women as individuals, often in the sanctums of their homes or work places, alone or with the persons with whom they share their lives. 


This body of work plumbs the nature of relationships between women and their careers, their children, and their domestic partners. The ambivalence of these peculiar situations prevails as a theme. This work attempts to bear witness to what it is like to be a woman in this provisional moment, living for the time being. 

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